DS Hacks - Mod and Hack DS / DSi - Play ROM Backups

R4 SDHCEasy DS Hacks and Mods. Best DS hacks do not even require you to open the consoles case. R4 DS or AceKard 2i DS chip with a micro SD card and a microSD reader for the PC / Mac is all you need to start Hacking DS / DSi and Playing Nintendo DS games - NDS ROM Backups for free.

  • DS Flash Card (R4 SDHC, R4i, AceKard, DSTWO, M3 Zero etc.)
  • any microSD flash card (the bigger the better - 8GB max)
  • micro SD card reader/writer for copying filers from PC to DS

When I first tried out my DS Flash Card I could not believe how easy it was to hack a DS! I wonder why Nintendo has not put in any serious restrictions, but it must be their unspoken policy to allow home made games (homebrew) to be developed on on their consoles :)


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